Bio and Artist Statement

Bio and Artist Statement

BIO & Artist Statement -

After a career in landscape architecture where I specialized in outdoor recreational spaces, I have re-centered my life around art. Play is an essential element for a balanced life. Art is play; is meditative; expands your boundaries and never fails to surprise. Exploring various mediums and styles is an exciting journey and fulfills my need for creative play. I have studied under Longmont artist Rey Ford who has been with me throughout these past 4 years as a dear teacher and friend.

I have also taken painting workshops and instruction from John Taft, Rick Stoner, Ani Espriella, the Schissler Academy of Fine Art in Loveland and Jane Hunt.

My feelings are expressed well by artist Anna Wainright who says, “My goal is to paint as much as I can until I’m satisfied with my work, which, I hope, never happens.”

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